How do external contracts work?

Our custom External Contracts feature was built to automate communication of reservation details & exchange of rental contracts and/or ID verification between gusts and external teams you need to be compliant with, such as front desks at condo-hotels or HOAs where your units reside. With this tool you can create workflow templates with customized ID verification settings & Additional Terms & Conditions, add external email addresses to be cc'd for automated communications, and you can add applicable units from your inventory to the sequence.

Once setup, after your guests complete a booking of any units associated with the template they will be directed to a verification page where they will execute the contract. If this situation applies to your portfolio, the external contracts tool removes the back and forth over phone and email, and the manual transfer of paper and PDF documents between guests and external parties!

Some example use cases for the External Contracts tool include:

  1. You manage a unit that resides in a condo hotel property
    1. Your guests will ultimately need to check-in to a front desk managed by the hotel.
    2. The hotel needs to generate their own internal reservation ID # that then needs to be passed on to the guest.
    3. The hotel also requires your guests fill out a rental contract specific to their organization.
  2. You manage a property that is part of a strict Homeowners Association (HOA)
    1. The HOA requires ID verification of the guest who has booked the property.
    2. The HOA requires guests agree to specific terms & conditions before accessing the property.

Where to access EXTERNAL CONTRACTS after signing in: 


To create a New External Contract template:

  1. Click the blue "NEW EXTERNAL CONTRACT" button in the top right of the page
  2. [REQUIRED] Edit the name of the contract exchange template (e.g. "Wyndham Condo-Hotel" or "Palm Community HOA") and then edit the "Additional Terms & Conditions to be displayed on the verification page" [optional] by entering or copy/pasting any contractual language or Terms & Conditions provided by the external team (e.g. the contract the condo-hotel or the HOA requires the guest complete)
  3. [OPTIONAL] Edit the "IDENTITY VERIFICATION" section by enabling any items the guest is required to fill out after booking (and before they are able to check-in)
  4. [REQUIRED] Edit the "EXTERNAL CONTRACT CONTACT EMAILS" section by adding any email addresses that should be cc'd on the communication / contract exchange.
  5. [REQUIRED] Add any units that should be associated with the contract exchange template
  6. [REQUIRED] Once you are finished, click the "EXTERNAL CONTRACTS" navigation on the left, and then switch the status to "ACTIVE"
  7. After your guests complete a booking and their card is charged successfully, they will then be directed to the verification page (example below), which they will immediately be directed to if booking direct on your website, or if the reservation was made on or HomeAway/VRBO a system-generated email with the verification page link will be sent by our auto-email system, and if the reservation was made via Airbnb the verification link will be sent via our auto-message within the unified inbox. ALSO - the system will automatically remind the guest to complete the verification leading up to the check-in, and the system will automatically withhold sending the check-in instructions until completed!

  8. After they complete the verification the external team (the email addresses you'll add to the cc section when creating the template) will automatically receive an email with the completed contract (including a downloadable PDF), along with a link to a page where they can input the internal reservation ID. Once the external team enters this ID #, the booking is "confirmed" on their end, and the code will automatically be added to the corresponding reservation details page, AND be include in the check-in instructions automatically.

  1. That's it!

If you have any questions you can always CONTACT US via our contact form, email us at [email protected], live chat us within the app, or call us at 1-312-878-4572.

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