Airbnb FAQs

Where do I put my security deposit and how do I make a claim if necessary?

You can add a security deposit of your choice from within the property manager on Direct™. Airbnb does not charge the guest this amount upon booking. However a claim can submitted to Airbnb through their Resolution Center after inspecting the home post-checkout. For further information, read here:

How do i get paid?

Airbnb will payout your reservations, they have a few different payout options. For payout options, review this link: The timing of your payout will be depended on the cancellation policy of your Airbnb listing. Flexible, Moderate, and Stric cancellation policies provide payouts after the guest checks in. Super Strict 30 and 60 day cancellation policys provide payout when the reservation is nonrefundable if a guest were to cancel, 30 days or 60 days before check-in.

Where do I have guests sign my rental contract?

For property managers, Airbnb advises copy and pasting your rental agreement into the "House Rules" section on your listings on Airbnb, which is the same as the "Terms & Conditions" section Direct™ when you are managing each property. This allows for clear expectations up front for guests, and serves as a signed agreement by them simply completing the booking. Keep in mind that Airbnb has specific polices/operations for guest payment, cancellations, and security deposits. Please refrain from adding your direct booking polices for these 3 areas to your Airbnb House Rules. When guests book a property on Airbnb they are require to check a book that states they agree to the House Rules.

How do I turn my listings on/off?

Listings can be activated and deactivated from the Airbnb distribution page within your Direct™ dashboard. If you wish to stop syncing a previously existing listing on Airbnb that was mapped to a property on Direct™, visit your Airbnb account's listing sync page here:

How do I change available/unavailable dates for a listing in my inventory?

Property availability is pushed to Airbnb from Direct™ seamlessly, so any changes you make to default availability, default pricing, or on the custom pricing & availability calendar will instantly update on Airbnb. As well, any bookings you get on your white label website(s) or on other marketplaces connected to our channel manager will update your Direct™ availability settings, which will in turn instantly update on Airbnb.

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