How do owner deductions work?

Our fully-customizable owner deductions tool allows you to add deductions that are automatically applied to your owner statements, both recurring "unit level deductions" (e.g. Cleaning Fees per owner block reservation, Smart Home Technology fees charged monthly, and even fees charged per guest reservation), and "one off deductions" which can be applied when approving vendor invoices. 

Where to access UNIT LEVEL DEDUCTIONS after signing in: 


To add a Unit Level Deduction:

  1. Click the blue "ADD NEW DEDUCTION" button in the middle of the page

  1. Click the "Deduction Type" dropdown to select either a Fixed Rate or Percentage. Depending on which option was chosen, add in the rate or percentage of that specific deduction:

  1. Add the frequency of this deduction by clicking on the "What is the frequency of this deduction?" dropdown where you will find three options:
    1. Per Guest Reservation
    2. Per Owner Reservation
    3. Monthly
  1. Add the deduction category by clicking on the "Deduction Category" dropdown where you will find four options:
    1. Cleaning Fee
    2. Smart Home Technology Fee
    3. Linen Fee
    4. Custom Fee

If you selected "Custom Fee", you will see a text box populate where you can add in custom content:

  1. [OPTIONAL] Add a description of the deduction in the "Description" text box:

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