Direct's reporting feature helps you quantify business impact with key performance metrics that demonstrate bookings over time, a breakdown of channel share of voice, occupancy percentages, and more. Fully configurable based upon booking status, channel, payment status, reservation type & generation type, with options to filter by specific dates, you're able to slice and dice bookings to run targeted reports with ease!

You can access this feature in the REPORTING section of the platform.

The Reporting feature is extremely dynamic where you can

  1. Search for a specific report

  2. Able to assign your own favorite set of reports by selecting the 'Star' Icon as shown below.

Upon selecting a specific report, you will be able to use our dynamic filtering option to enter the necessary parameters and capture more refined data.

To make things even clearer and granular, you can also enter the name of property, portfolio, or the property owner name and use the filters to attain granular information as required.

Note: Please ensure the "Admin Report Complete" under the system emails in messaging is toggled to "Active" to ensure that the report is emailed to you once the report is generated

Next steps for getting started with Reporting:

Our Help Center will walk you through all aspects of Reporting. Logged in users can access these articles below:

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