If you want a quick overview of the promotions you’re currently offering as well as promotions that have expired or been set to inactive, select 'Properties' from the main navigation and select 'Promotions.' 

The Promotions Overview page will show which discounts are being offered, the bookable and travel dates it applies to, as well as the status of the promotion. Promotions that have been set to inactive or expired  (bookable dates have passed) will show with an orange status indicator while active will show a green indicator.

Do you need to deactivate or temporarily disable a promotion?

  1. Click 'Edit' next to the relevant promotion

  2. Once on the promotion details page, click 'Edit Promotion'

  3. Toggle the promotion from 'active'  to 'inactive'

  4. Click 'submit'

  5. Promotions overview page will now show a 'inactive' status indicator next to the promotion

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