Property Management System

Promotions and Coupons
Direct now provides you with the ability to create and manage a variety of promotion types to encourage profitable guest behavior. Post them to your booking engine or fence the promotion to specific audiences with the use of a coupon/promo code.

Examples Include:
- Promotional discounts for booking three nights or more
- Deeply discounted "last-minute booking" promotions
- Promotional discounts for booking early

White Label Websites

New Search Page Layout
Visitors to your white label website now have options on how to view search results. The search results page layout now includes list view, grid view, and map view to provide a better user experience and increase conversion.

Reservation Management System

Filter Consolidation on Reservation Page
In an effort to simplify the reservation page (grid and list view) while providing filters powerful enough to allow everyone to run their business, we have consolidated our filters into a filter menu next to the search bar. You will find all the filters you have become accustom to using with a few additions that you will see starting to pop in in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Verification and Rental Contracts

Rental Agreements are now saved as a PDF accessible from the reservation overview page. The PDF includes the guest signature as well as ID with an electronic signature showing the IP address and timestamp.

New Fee Account: Cancellation Fee

Direct has added a new fee account typed called Cancellation Fee. This fee should be used to balance cancelled reservations. The Cancellation Fee type is able to be customized based on your cancellation penalty, when the revenue is realized, and if it should be included in the owner payouts. When the Cancellation Fee is added to a reservation, you are also asked if you would like to $0 out all other line items to assist you in balancing the reservation. 

Reservation Payment Collection

This section now calculates the balance of the reservation, showing a negative number if the guest has overpaid based on the reservation line items. 

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