Direct centralizes your guest reviews to allow you to view and manage each review.

The page is divided into 3 tabs:

  • New

  • Published

  • Rejected

New Reviews

This section shows you all your new guest reviews that have not yet been actioned. As a Property Manager, you are able to publish, reject, or delete reviews. For each review, you can see the property the guest stayed at, the guest name, the dates of their stay, a preview of their review, and the star rating.

To view the entire content of the review, click on the guest name - this will open the Guest Profile where you are able to view the entire review.

Use the search bar to filters reviews by guest name, dates stayed, booking channel, and star rating.

To publish a review, simply select Publish. This will publish the review on the properties listing on your website as well as move the review to the published tab.

Published Reviews

This sections shows all of your guest reviews that have been published to your website. You are able to view and manage published reviews. If you would like to remove a published review, select Reject. This will remove the review from your website and as well as move the review to your rejected tab.

Rejected Reviews

This sections shows reviews that have been previously rejected and not published to your website. You are able to publish a review from this section by selecting Publish.

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